Where can one dispose old batteries?


  • The law provides that all the manufactures of batteries will be required to redeem used batteries via points of sale, and supply marketers for suitable collection containers for that purpose. Therefore, all points of sale that offer batteries (shops, kiosks etc.) must collect used batteries, free of any charges, regardless of whether new batteries are purchased or not. Respective information must be displayed in a visible place at points of sale.
  • Maxima at Keskturg has a container next to the self-checkout
  • You can find a box for used batteries in any stores like prisma rimi slaver ect. Its usually located by the information desk
  • Koduekstra
  • I saw boxes in Prisma near info
  • Every grocery store has a disposal box

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  1. Rimi has a battery collection point in most stores somewhere close to the trolleys and baskets. Comarket also usually has them in a similar location.

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