How does the heating system work in Tallinn?

When is it possible to use the heating? My landlord told me that the government decides when does the heating season starts. Is is true?


  • Yup, it’s true.
  • It is, if your apartment uses central heating.
  • Central heating usually turned on by the “district” when it’s ~15C or less for  couple days. But be careful what you wish for  when it’s on it’s ON (and you will most likely open windows to survive that heat).
  • Usually the heating season starts from Oct 1st.
  • Where have you found the info that the government decides when the heating time starts? As long as I know, it’s upon the decision of the korteriühistu (=house management) and they actually can put it on. Also, the apartment owners have the possibility to make suggestions and they might take it into account if there are bigger amount of complaints.
  • This is one of the things that are so odd in Tallinn, you can’t even decide by yourself when to start heating.
  • My heating came on a couple of days ago. Now I’m too hot.

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