How do you renew a Temporary Residence Permit?

Looking to renew my Temporary Residence Permit. Do I need to make an appointment anywhere or do I just show up? I did the process of first getting the TRP in America last year, so not sure what I should do about getting it renewed in Tallinn. Thanks for the help.


  • You can submit electronically, make sure you do it a good long time ahead- I submitted in August for Sept because my first time went real quick and they didn’t finish my renewal till October. I was without a residence permit for a few weeks which was a pain.
  • Are you sure he can do it all electronically now? Citizens can, as well as the two types of long-term, as I now can, but are you sure about regular temporary? The Police and Border Guard told me different. I know you can filled the forms in and submit them via email along with a proper photo, but as I was aware you would still need to go into the office once that was done. Mind you, they themselves didn’t always seem to know what they were doing. As I have been here as a legal resident now for just over 11 years and have an Estonian wife and three kids my situation is a bit different. Agreed about the good long time ahead though, should have done myself. Luckily did get it all sorted and had my new card within 10 days. That I understand is unusual however. I would personally suggest that the OP fill in all forms, send them and any other relevant info via email and then make an appointment. If you know otherwise, that’s a great development.
  • You do still have to show up! If nothing else, you need to in order to take the picture in their little booth that will go on your card. But he certainly should not drop in with paper forms or even make an appt to submit forms, do that online and then you only have to go to the police.
  • Alternatively, you can download the necessary forms, print and fill them. Book an appointment then go there at least 15 to 20 minutes before your time so you can take a picture at d photo booth. Be sure to renew as early as possible. Mine expires in June but applied for new one at the end of March.
    It’s takes so long now and there are always so many people at the centre. Never go there without an appointment else you could spend hours.
  • Agree. Here is the reservation website:
  • I’ve been to the office at Pinna 4 a few times for various reasons, with no appointment. I’ve never had to wait more than about 20 minutes.

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