How do you get free public transport in Tallinn?

Tallinn is the first capital in the EU to provide free public transport to its citizens.


  • No free transport without a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). First, you need a rental contract. Second, you go to townhall/city office (Linnavalitsus), register your tenancy agreement and you will get a local ID number. Third, you need to visit the Police service office to apply for the TRP (Applying for the TRP). When you get your ID-card you can register the green Tallinn travel card online for free transport.

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  1. Hello
    I wonder if someone can explain how it works with the green Tallinn travel card on the trains, travelling locally in Tallin. I have registered my Tallinn travel card online and it works fine on the buses, but when I tried to hold it to the card reader on the train it didn’t work.

    The conductor put my card in her machine and I guess it was okay because there were some money on the card. I’ve heard that the card should work on the trains too and I’ve asked around at work, but no one seems to know.

    Thank you for your help.


    1. There are only limited routes you can travel with Elron trains for free with your Tallinn green card, The only train stops you can travel between for free are:
      West direction: Tallinn (Balti jaam) – Lilleküla – Tondi – Järve – Rahumäe –Nõmme – Hiiu – Kivimäe – Pääsküla – Laagri;
      South-west direction: Tallinn (Balti jaam) – Tallinn-Väike – Liiva-Valdeku;
      East direction: Tallinn (Balti jaam) – Kitseküla – Ülemiste – Vesse.

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