How do you apply for a residency permit for a non-EU spouse?

I will start applying for a residency permit for my non-EU spouse. There is one thing that does not make sense for me in the application. He should have enough income to be able to stay in Estonia. The way I see it is that if he leaves his life and work in his home country to make a life in Estonia, he will be looking for work and income. There is no guarantee he will get it and it is up to the family to make ends meet. Am I wrong in my logics? I mean should the permit officer ask for his income, we could show his salary abroad, but not Estonia. But in the same time they expect him not to have employment in another country.


  • I thought the same thing, yes it is somehow meaningless, but I think they assume it like this, ‘if he can earn before he can also manage to earn here’. I tried to guarantee it and showed many financial documents. I showed my and my spouse past financial documents and I also had my father as my sponsor and his financial documents.
  • We showed our last 6 months income (bank statements). Or if you have larger amount in your account, (like 6000 EUR), that would work too, I think.
  • Joint income of the family will be considered! Means yours in this case. Not his. You can provide them your statement and that’s enough.
  • When I applied for my visa I spoke to someone regarding the matter. As long as you can prove you have sufficient funds to get through the first 3 months they should be fine I can’t remeber how much it is a day off the top of my head, but in the the end my partner just had to sign any way to say she would support me.
  • I came in Estonia earlier then my husband. When he came here we were applying as “settling with a spouse” and I was mentioned as a sponsor for him as he didn’t have any income and work. And we showed my income as our family income.

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