Does Estonia have the similar freedom to roam, like in Sweden?

Does Estonia have similar laws for “free camping” like Sweden? Can you for example park your RV or caravan on for example state owned forest land for a maximum of 24 hours?


In Estonia, it is permitted to access natural and cultural landscapes on foot, by bicycle, skis, boat or on horseback. Check the official State Forest Management Center website (in English).

The following is permitted in nature:

  • accessing areas by foot, on bicycle, skis, boat or horseback in all places not prohibited on the basis of law(s);
  • being present in any area where access is permitted;
  • gathering wild berries, mushrooms, flowers, medicinal plants, hazelnuts and other natural products not under nature protection;
  • fishing bodies of water that are public or designated for public use with a simple hand line.

The following is prohibited:

  • accessing the immediate proximity of a person’s yard, plantations, apiaries, sown crops, grain field and other cropland where damage is thereby incurred by the owner;
  • lighting fires and camping without permission from the land owner or possessor;
  • hunting and fishing without relevant license, except for simple hand line;
  • injuring trees and bushes;
  • disrupting the peace of local inhabitants;
  • damaging the habitats and nests of forest animals and birds, gathering or removing their eggs, or otherwise doing harm to them;
  • damaging nature protection objects and protected species;
  • using motor vehicles where prohibited;
  • polluting nature

One Reply to “Does Estonia have the similar freedom to roam, like in Sweden?”

  1. Freedom to roam, such as in the Nordics, DOES include pitching a tent without fire for one night WITHOUT asking for permission, even on private land (of course, with all due respect) .

    Are you sure it doesn’t in Estonia, or has it been changed?

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