How did you transport your belongings from the USA to Estonia?


  • Im not American though, but you need to hire a cargo (packers and movers), who will deal with overseas cargos. As you are moving household goods it’s very straightforward procedure. The company packs everything for you and all the boxes needs to be labelled and they need to know the content of the box. Moving household goods you do not pay any tax only the transportation fee.
  • I would advise to check all electrical appliances and devices for compatibility with EU voltage and frequency. Month ago here was a person selling stuff, which he brought from states, but it doesn’t work here.
  • We just moved to Tallinn from Florida. I called a few companies and the procedure they indicated was either they come to you and figure out a quote based on what you’re bringing, or if it’s all packed then you can give them numbers of items/boxes and weights. We didn’t move any furniture or household items so didn’t go with that option, but the estimates where all free so you won’t have anything to lose to call.
  • Before choosing a moving company, Google them and find some candid reviews from customers. We were just minutes away from committing to one company – giving them thousands of dollars and everything in our household – when I thought to check them out online. Their customers had the bitterest experiences: damaged goods and delivery that was often *months* late.
  • It is pretty easy to find a furnished apartment in Estonia and as mentioned, the voltage for appliances is different, so think about what you really need to ship. We brought only our clothes and some important books/toys and we were able to bring it all by plane.
  • We did the same and just got a furnished apartment a couple weeks ago. We actually only saw a couple unfurnished apartments offered though I am sure you can get them.

How does kindergarden system organized in Estonia?

I just moved to Tallinn. I have a 21 months old daughter and I am looking for kindergarten options. If anyone in this group have first hand experience and knowledge about kindergartens here, fee structure and anything related to it, please connect!


  • When you are registered in Tallinn the kindergarten is for free. You need to register your kid through, but getting a place might be difficult. May be best to go to sotsiaalkindlustusamet and discuss this. We registered our kids after they were born already. Kids in Estonia go to public kindergarten when they are 2 years old, so your kid could go from September. Until then you could opt for a private one, but count on some 350€ to 450€ a month for this when full time. Or look for an international one.
  • Public kindergartens are from 18 months, but getting a spot especially in the middle of the school year might be tricky indeed. Oh, and the city is obliged to find a spot for every kid between 1,5 and 7 years that is registered as living in that city… in case of Tallinn it’s just that the available spot might be across  the town.
  • Even governmental kindergartens have a spotfee, it is 61€-67€ a month for one child.
  • Best is to go or call to the sotsiaalamet as they can help you best with this. Ask for somebody who speaks English. Goverment kindergartens in Estonia are very good and most of them are new or fixed up.
  • They do have to find you something, but does it suit you – is another thing. So best to ask and see if they can help you. Private kindergartens have too many rules, kids nose is dripping come get it, less than 10 kids in a day than come and get it etc etc. That is why we took governmental one for both our boys.
  • Hope this will help you: //

Can you recommend a good car rental?


  • 1autorent – I’ve used them a few times. Always worked without complications, but some of their more premium cars are very high mileage.
  • ABC Rent – Rented from last summer as they had the best prices at the time. Would recommend. 5-10 minute walk from airport.
  • PRO Rent – I always rent from Always great service.