What is the process for amending an OÜ’s board and/or liquidating an OÜ?

Anybody here familiar with the process and documents needed for amending an OÜ’s board (removing a member and changing right of representation), and/or liquidating an OÜ (specifically a subsidiary of another OÜ)?


  • On Startup Estonia you find a lot of contract templates in the documentation section for these issues, maybe this gives you some more informations.
  • We did this directly with notary
  • Online through the business portal is all you need.
  • One board meeting dissolving the board member, mention why, submit application for changes in company under äriregister, upload that meeting minutes, pay 18€ and wait for 3 days.

Has anyone in Estonia faced legal or corporate warnings/fines from downloading music or movies?


  • As I recall, there hasn’t been any news about punishing piracy in the last few years. As an individual you have hardly anything to worry about, I think things might be bit more strict if we are talking about a corporation.
  • As far as I know there is nothing like that here. We download movies and shows constantly and have had no issues at all.
  • You never, ever have to worry about such warnings in Estonia. Download away.

How do you renew a Temporary Residence Permit?

Looking to renew my Temporary Residence Permit. Do I need to make an appointment anywhere or do I just show up? I did the process of first getting the TRP in America last year, so not sure what I should do about getting it renewed in Tallinn. Thanks for the help.


  • You can submit electronically, make sure you do it a good long time ahead- I submitted in August for Sept because my first time went real quick and they didn’t finish my renewal till October. I was without a residence permit for a few weeks which was a pain.
  • Are you sure he can do it all electronically now? Citizens can, as well as the two types of long-term, as I now can, but are you sure about regular temporary? The Police and Border Guard told me different. I know you can filled the forms in and submit them via email along with a proper photo, but as I was aware you would still need to go into the office once that was done. Mind you, they themselves didn’t always seem to know what they were doing. As I have been here as a legal resident now for just over 11 years and have an Estonian wife and three kids my situation is a bit different. Agreed about the good long time ahead though, should have done myself. Luckily did get it all sorted and had my new card within 10 days. That I understand is unusual however. I would personally suggest that the OP fill in all forms, send them and any other relevant info via email and then make an appointment. If you know otherwise, that’s a great development.
  • You do still have to show up! If nothing else, you need to in order to take the picture in their little booth that will go on your card. But he certainly should not drop in with paper forms or even make an appt to submit forms, do that online and then you only have to go to the police.
  • Alternatively, you can download the necessary forms, print and fill them. Book an appointment then go there at least 15 to 20 minutes before your time so you can take a picture at d photo booth. Be sure to renew as early as possible. Mine expires in June but applied for new one at the end of March.
    It’s takes so long now and there are always so many people at the centre. Never go there without an appointment else you could spend hours.
  • Agree. Here is the reservation website: //broneering.politsei.ee/MakeReservation/SelectService
  • I’ve been to the office at Pinna 4 a few times for various reasons, with no appointment. I’ve never had to wait more than about 20 minutes.

What are pros and cons of being self-employed vs having your company in Estonia?


  • Pros of being self-employed (FIE in Estonian): simpler accounting requirements, no capital investment requirement, your accounts are private.
  • Pros of operating as a company: you pay taxes only on the amount that you take out as dividends. You may but need not pay yourself a salary (and associated payroll taxes). You can take more employees on business partners on board. A company is limited liability, so if your business goes down your personal wallet is not affected.
  • Dont do FIE. OÜ as a company form is much easier. You can be self employed there as well.
  • I agree, don’t do FIE. Company (OÜ) is much easier and cheaper. FIE is “leftover” from the past. I’m quite surprised that especially foreigners finds it.
  • FIE has responsibilty for all its equities, OÜ only shares capital.
  • The FIE net income is treated as from employment so you have to consider social tax and income tax.
  • Current legislation in relation to both forms of doing business entails that in most cases it is more reasonable to owe your own company rather than being self-employed.


How does kindergarden system organized in Estonia?

I just moved to Tallinn. I have a 21 months old daughter and I am looking for kindergarten options. If anyone in this group have first hand experience and knowledge about kindergartens here, fee structure and anything related to it, please connect!


  • When you are registered in Tallinn the kindergarten is for free. You need to register your kid through eesti.ee, but getting a place might be difficult. May be best to go to sotsiaalkindlustusamet and discuss this. We registered our kids after they were born already. Kids in Estonia go to public kindergarten when they are 2 years old, so your kid could go from September. Until then you could opt for a private one, but count on some 350€ to 450€ a month for this when full time. Or look for an international one.
  • Public kindergartens are from 18 months, but getting a spot especially in the middle of the school year might be tricky indeed. Oh, and the city is obliged to find a spot for every kid between 1,5 and 7 years that is registered as living in that city… in case of Tallinn it’s just that the available spot might be across  the town.
  • Even governmental kindergartens have a spotfee, it is 61€-67€ a month for one child.
  • Best is to go or call to the sotsiaalamet as they can help you best with this. Ask for somebody who speaks English. Goverment kindergartens in Estonia are very good and most of them are new or fixed up.
  • They do have to find you something, but does it suit you – is another thing. So best to ask and see if they can help you. Private kindergartens have too many rules, kids nose is dripping come get it, less than 10 kids in a day than come and get it etc etc. That is why we took governmental one for both our boys.
  • Hope this will help you: //www.tallinn.ee/eng/haridus/Admission-to-preschool-2

How do you get free public transport in Tallinn?

Tallinn is the first capital in the EU to provide free public transport to its citizens.


  • No free transport without a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). First, you need a rental contract. Second, you go to townhall/city office (Linnavalitsus), register your tenancy agreement and you will get a local ID number. Third, you need to visit the Police service office to apply for the TRP (Applying for the TRP). When you get your ID-card you can register the green Tallinn travel card online for free transport.